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  1. Scorpio daily horoscope - 9 October 12222
  2. Yearly Love Horoscope: 12222 Love Guide for Scorpio
  3. What does the astrology for 12222 have in store for your star sign?
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Both planets add much value to your life. Pluto is the planet of Hades, the god of the Unseen World. As such, he bequeaths you the qualities of this celestial being.

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These include stability, a sense of mystery, and aggressiveness. On the other hand, Jupiter associates with Zeus, the father of all gods.


Scorpio daily horoscope - 9 October 12222

Just like this celestial being, you are authoritative, disciplinarian, and optimistic. The Cusp of Revolution plays an important role in your money matters. It has empowered you to make all the right decisions when it comes to your finances. Your astrological chart shows that your health is fine.

All the same, be awry of possible infections targeting your hips, thighs, abdomen, and lower body. As a rule, Sagittarius people are susceptible to injuries in these parts of their bodies.

Yearly Love Horoscope: 12222 Love Guide for Scorpio

Lovers born on December 9 are very choosy. Rather, you seek one who meets your high standards. This stems from the fact that you are well aware of your own sexual appeal. You have many admires, many of them secret. As such, you have a wide pool of potential mates from where you can pick your partner. Being perceptive, you take your time in choosing a lover.

You appreciate what it means to make a mistake in such matters. Thus, you prefer to engage in courtship before you commit yourself. Now, dating does have its advantages. For example, it provides both you and your lover with the forum to know each other better. This means that your relationship will have better chances of flourishing. It is hard for any person to win your love if you are not interested. Your spouse and children will prosper under your guidance. You are a perfect match for a Gemini, Leo, or Aries lover. You have much in common with these natives. The planetary alignment shows that you are least compatible with a Scorpio.

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  7. A relationship between you and them would not amount to much. We strongly advise against it! December 9 zodiac people project a cool, calm, and collected demeanor.

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    People perceive you as confident all the times. By virtue of your industriousness, you are an inspirational to many people. You enable many things to achieve a lot in your life through your positivity. You thrive in environments that embrace change. Although you do treasure your family, you enjoy spending time away from home with friends and acquaintances. You are a generous individual.

    You are willing to share your resources with the less privileged.

    What does the astrology for 12222 have in store for your star sign?

    For this reason, you have won many admirers. In addition, you have a strong sense of justice. It is in your blood to fight for freedoms in your community. You are willing to lose your privileges to safeguard the rights of your closest and dearest.


    However, you have a couple of flaws that you need to work on. These weaknesses have the potential to stagnate your progress. For example, you need to accept that you can make mistakes. Avoid being too defensive when you are faced with accusations. Face them squarely and answer your accusers logically. Also, you place unreasonably high demands on your colleagues. Granted, your standards are exceptionally high.

    All in all, you are the right path to success. However, watch out whom you trust.

    Horoscope 12222

    Your personality is somehow attractive for a lot of people. Just look out because you might end up with the wrong ones. In this period, a great influx of mental energy may occur. You will be able to absorb information even late at night, feeling no tiredness. If your mind is focused, everything is possible. No obstacle will be huge enough for you.

    Additionally, you will be interested in original topics, for example sex, occultism or medicine. In this period, your moral aspects will be very strong. Not only because of that you will like to act like a judge, if you get into an argument of two already arguing people. In your thoughts, you will be secure and generous; however, you will like to let others be in doubts before you tell them the necessary. Besides, you will enjoy commenting philosophical or political matters. In this span, you yearn for being respected so that you feel unsettled if someone thinks that you are a fool.

    Hence, you are rather silent and wait. Thanks to this position, conservative thinking may appear, especially when it comes to relationships and dry humour. If you know what your goal is, you are willing to go for it under all conditions. However, watch out for extreme jealousy and possessive behavior towards your partner.

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    It could lead to bigger problems in the future. Android application. Try squash or other racquet sport. It will renew your energy. You could have serious problems later. The Sun in Sagittarius Nov The Sun in Capricorn Dec Venus in Capricorn Nov Venus in Aquarius Dec Mercury in Scorpio Oct 3.